Womens Wisdom Temple

Coming Soon! 


As a woman, there are a few ingredients essential to growing a healthy happy life.


Gathering in Circles of Women


Creative Expression


Being Nurtured by Nature


Healthy Boundaries


Attending to our Health and Wellness


Self-Care/Personal Growth


Listening to the Voice Within


Serving Family/Community


Experiencing the Sacred Feminine Self


Are you feeling the call to deepen into your wondrous and most powerful selves? We have been midwifing and creating a sacred space for you to come and explore, to be your most soft, vulnerable and empowered self. Trust you will be held in a most exquisite way as you connect fully to your divine feminine self and all of Her expression.


Womens Wisdom Temple provides a place and space for more of these essentials to be experienced and practiced! We will be tapping into practices of Feminine Embodied Wisdom for Health and Healing as well as Exploring Principles for Living a Fulfilling Life and Excavating Obstacles and Old Patterning's that hinder your ability to live life knowing Wholeness and Sovereignty as a Woman. 


Together, we are creating a feminine oasis where we can let go into the flow happening deeper than personal stories. Join Us on the Journey Into Self!