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Healing and Wellness

Body, Mind and Spirit​

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, all in person sessions are on hold. Phone and virtual sessions are still available. Be Well!

Welcome to Embodied Wellness! Ready to discover your roadmap to wellness? 


Our services are consciously woven to support the embodiment of good health, healing, wholeness, and well being mind, body, emotions & spirit. A key element to embodying wellness is cleansing and detoxifying. When the body is carrying too heavy a toxin load from everyday stressors, pollution, preservatives etc. health imbalances more easily happen. 

Just as we purify the physical body for more optimal wellness sometimes our thoughts and emotions cause inner toxicity and need to be cleansed. Our energy healing and phone counseling services can help to clear these old, stagnant/imbalanced thoughts and feelings.

Need a reset? We offer a variety of massage styles to support the body, mind & spirit in relaxing, restoring & rejuvenating. Massage strengthens the bodies own healing abilities. It quiets and stills the mind and the spirit finds spaciousness within each rhythmic breath.

This engagement of body, mind & spirit during massage and healing sessions creates an inner harmony, integration and a sense of overall well being. Come and experience it for yourself.


All Is Well! Be Well!

Please Note: Our group workshops, hikes and retreats are currently on hold due to COVID.  

Embodied Wellness

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Halo Massage, Transformational Bodywork, Detox Massage, Immunity Boost Massage, Mood Lifter Massage, Deep Peace Energy Activation, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Heart Centered Counseling, Trauma Healing, Self Care Card Readings. In person (Sacramento area) and telephone sessions available. Serving Sacramento, East Sacramento, Downtown, Roseville. Folsom, Oak Park and surrounding areas.