The pathway of the feminine into Self is one of the most magnificent journeys of our lifetime. Where are you in your travels? What is the quiet voice within calling you too? How is your body asking to be supported? What is nourishing your soul? How can we support your path?

Our offerings are consciously woven to support women in coming home to their bodies (embodiment), healing past traumas, magnifying wellness and grounding self-love/self-care practices.

There are opportunities both individually and in group gatherings to move deeply into Self. Therapeutic massage, chakra balancing/reiki, and heart centered counseling assist in creating more inner harmony and peace which opens us up to get embodied.  A self-care class, the joy of sinking into your sensual nature, or taking some time out in nature via a meditation hike or retreat communing with nature and other women are all wonderful ways to grow and connect.

Once the natural states of self-love/care and embodied conscious living are anchored. We can then fully share these ways of being and doing in every aspect of life, flooding our homes, communities and world with the healing and care that is most deeply needed.

A woman who knows and loves herself can and will change the world!

Feminine Embodied Health & Healing

"Thank you for sharing your healing gifts with me.  I now have more to share in my life from the time focused inwardly."